Pranay Rana: About this Blog

About this Blog

P for Programming and P for Pranay
Gmind solusion is basically for the technical people i.e for software developers. Blog is dedicated to software developer. Blog started by pranay rana to share programming knowledge with the other software developer.Blog is for the software developers who is using SilverLight, Html/CSS,  Asp.Net, C#, MS Sql server and JQuery(Javascipt)   to develop their product/ projects.

Blogs content is Articles, tips/ tricks about the programming concepts and some extra ordinary work.

Blog is also for the people who wants to learn this technology listed above. It's also for the people who want to post their programming problems to resolve the issues. To resolve you issues you can mail me on my mail address :

About Pranay Rana:

26-Jun1985   :       I was born.
2005-2006    :       Software Engineer.
11-Aug-2006 :      I entered IT as a developer.