Pranay Rana: Linq Join on Mutiple columns using Anonymous type

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Linq Join on Mutiple columns using Anonymous type

I was working on the project using LINQ. I got the requirement to join the two entity on multiple column.

For example consider the following image. There are two entity Distributor and Customer related to each other.

Now I want to find out all customer who lives in same city where the distributor living.
So to find out that I have to make join between Customer and Distributor. And to achieve this I need to join by using multiple columns City,State,Country,ID. (Note: I am using id in join because later on I want to get which distributor near to customer).

Now with the LINQ you can join two entity on multiple columns by creating one anonymous type.
EmployeeDataContext edb= new EmployeeDataContext();
var cust = from c in edb.Customers
           join d in edb.Distributors on
             new { CityID = c.CityId, StateID = c.StateId, CountryID = c.CountryId, 
                   Id = c.DistributorId }    
             new { CityID = d.CityId, StateID = d.StateId, CountryID = d.CountryId, 
                   Id = d.DistributorId }    
           select c;
Note : As anonymous types used to join entity on multiple column, so for that make sure that both are equal and they must have the same properties in same order. Otherwise it don't get complied and you get error.

Once you are done run the code and you see the following query in your sql profiler or you can also use the visual studio feature to get the query.
SELECT [t0].[Id], [t0].[Name], [t0].[EmailId], [t0].[CityId], [t0].[StateId], 
[t0].[CountryId], [t0].[PinCode], [t0].[DistributorId]
FROM [dbo].[Customer] AS [t0]
[dbo].[Distributor] AS [t1] ON 
([t0].[CityId] = [t1].[CityId]) 
    AND ([t0].[StateId] = [t1].[StateId]) 
    AND  ([t0].[CountryId] = [t1].[CountryId]) 
    AND ([t0].[DistributorId] =[t1].[DistributorId])

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